Friday, October 2, 2009


The best shopping are ones that are done spontaneously, I feel!

After brunch today at Mart130, a famous cafe located right beside THE tramstop no.130 that I've wanted to try since forever...

which I've tried their most famous dish: cornfitters with grilled bacon:

... Chui lured me to harbour town to shop shop!! I was supposed to come home to clean up my apartment and head to body pump class, but I've never been to harbour town before! And I've heard so much about it...

I'm happy I went, for if not, I would not have gotten these:

My new baby!

I think the Law of Attraction really worked!! In my mind for ever so long, I've been dying to have a pair of high knee boots, black, with a bit of heels, suade in material...

and I finally found it!! in less than 10 mins!!
for ONLY $20.00!!
cheap much, no?? so prepped up for family trip to london & switz now! :)

happy happy joy joy! :)

i never thought i could pull off a maxi dress, 'cause i'm so short. :(

p.s. mummy can i please get it? not very expensive only.

pps. glad you got something in the end, chui! :)


SAMMY said...

Sexay!!! Wear to Amsterdam :)

sulynn said...

omg babe i think i have the EXACT pair of boots. also from habour town, i bought when hoi was down haha. :D we have awesome taste!

Lynnie said...

Sammy: Yes, definitely!! U must wear all ur sexy boots also ok dear.. :)

Sulynn: Yay!! The boots look amazing don't it. So happy for you too if you got it! :) Must update me on ur bf's trip down under when we meet up k! :D