Monday, September 21, 2009

From Princeton & Bath... to the land down under

Some 3-4 weeks ago, two friends whom I've met in A-levels, Taylors M'sia came down to Melbourne for holidays. I was close to one of them; the other one not as close, but we do get along well. I am thankful that after these years we still meet up, because as I recall, we were not from the same classes, neither were we in the same stream (they were both in sciences).

I am not sure if both of them know each other- as they were from different classes in A-levels as well, but knowing how friendly & likeable these two guys are, I am not surprised if they do :-)

Now firstly, let me introduce you to Mr.Princeton. I kid you not. He really does study in Princeton Uni! Let's screw the whole Blair statement thing that 'Princeton is a trade school- there's only Yale!' thing alright, we know how great Princeton is. Haha anyway, his name is Chern Han and I got to know him through Patrick, Zhen Yuan etc, and also through the CHS bunch when I was a secretary in Leo Club. CH is possibly one of the very complete all-rounder guys you'll find around- aces in his academics, and is fantastic at sports. He used to so kindly help me out in my Pure Math back in A-levels, I will always remember that sifu :)

We didn't meet up that much (not that close to him to him mah). But ZY & I brought him to Norsiah's for lunch, just to show him how we Melb Uni students eat on a budget Malaysian cuisine. And since he mentioned he wanted to play badminton, I brought him to one of our club social sessions in Uni. He is pretty good, I must say. We also had dinner with his PE friends at a Korean place, where a few of us got back to my place for a chilling drinking session after. Last dinner at Papa Gino's, Lygon street before he went back!
(thanks ZY for calling! :p)

What a poser this Princeton boy is, purposely ask me to take him posing like this...

'claims that this is his 'dou san' face... please, we all know who the real chor dai di god is ;)

P.S. U better keep your promise of hosting me ar when I come visit New York! Hope you had fun here! :)

OK, moving on....

Next up we have one of the FUNNIEST (by funny I mean FUNNY, full of @!#^&) guys YOU WILL EVER FIND. His compliments for you are endless, filled with the most flowery words and sentences that you can't even find in the dictionary. And that makes him one of the most likeable people around :-)

Let me introduce you to.. MR.JIAT!

I am not entirely sure how we met, but if I am not mistaken, it was during the Leo Club installation night? And you were the photographer of the event, right? :p haha. Funny how our friendship blossomed to such great heights after. Anyhowss-

He made his arrival even before he landed in Tullamarine Airport.. I swear. Why?? Well because he took a picture of his flight ticket, uploaded it on his fb and TAGGED all of us (hehe his close friends and I am one of them yay! gosh i'm so thick skinned but whatever it's true what). AND not to forget, every time I go on msn he will NUDGE me and START REMINDING ME of his arrival in melbourne... and that I must spend time with him when he's here, must go club and drink with him, must play badminton with him, must do this do that.

U tell me, how not to anticipate his arrival? His presence is already made so strongly before he's physically here! Hehee... Ok la I admit, I was pretty excited also to see him also. He's sucha good friend you know :p And also since in the July break in m'sia we only met up once.

Aiyo, I love this pic lah! :S

Actually, the reason he flew here was to celebrate his bestie's (Matt) 21st birthday! So sweet of him, right?? We went to Seven to celebrate pre-Matt's birthday, and it's such a happy sight seeing Jiat so high & onz on the dance floor! Lol.. Matt had his dinner celebration at Red Emperor, Southgate the next day (that's where the picture above was taken!). And a crazy ass drinking party back at their place after, where I only joined for a while. But i'm sure jiat had one of his happiest moments, surrounded by most of his best friends, and alcohol... ;D

A pity though that we didn't get to play badminton. I knew how much he wanted it. Sorry Jiat. :( Ur stay in Melbourne so short, and the weekends that you were here you were not free also! End of the year, ok?? But please give me chance. I damn noob already.

Now to the mushy part hehe. I'm so glad and thankful to have a friend like you, jiat. U always crack me up, whenever, wherever! Especially those A-levels time, wah damn stress, then all your sms-es will always lift my mood up! Stay nice, stay kind, stay the wayy you are, okay!



Kien Seng said...

Eh, you know Chern han! i havent seen him in ages...

Lynnie said...

Hey, yeah! Haven't seen him since A-levels.. so that makes it about 2 years now :) How are you kien seng?

Kien Seng said...

Rotting at home now during the break... :D