Sunday, September 20, 2009

is it spring break already?

This weekend has got to be the longest and most tiring weekend ever. Eventful, busy, productive, fruitful perhaps?, BUT exhausting.

From the preparations for the ball on friday, to the ball and the after party, to sat morning waking up to head to hil's bbq at yarraville, to my mixed doubles match that evening itself, to jasmine's 21st that night itself, to sunday the whole day at the courts of which i fared so badly in singles and mixed.

Right now, my right arm hurts like hell (got muscles already!!), my knees are bruised, my thigh muscles are so damn painful, my hair is in a mess- well so is my apartment. Sigh.

Calls for spring cleaning time? Definitely one of my agendas to achieve this spring break.

I have so, so much to update but I am just too worn out now. All I need now is 2-3 days of doing nothing, sleeping, eating, reading novels, watching series & just enjoy my god damn break. And of course, to recover from all the body aches. I can't be walking around limping can I? God I feel like an ah ma now.

Oh wait, isn't it spring break already? Since I will not be able to move my body for two days, you might be hearing from me sooner than you think. ;-)

Till then my dear friends. Have a good spring break! And for those of you who are travelling elsewhere like GC, Sydney or even good ol' Msia.. I am so excited for you! :) Make sure to have a blast! And have it memorable. Lynnie's gonna be enjoying spring in melbourne just fine :) lots love!*


Anonymous said...

repeatedly lose in lame badminton.
face it, you are not very good ?

Lynnie said...

i am not as good as those state players of course because i don't train like them. but at least i have a passion for the game and i try. better than those who goes through life aimlessly without one.

Anonymous said...

lol. lynnie, ive got ur back. these jealous harpies.

Lynnie said...

thank you anonymous no.2 :) i don't know why people would say such mean things. btw let me know who you are privately, it'll mean alot :)